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Welcome. This Introductory Page provides quick direct access to full songs (in mp3 format), and lyrics. Please visit the main web site to see press releases, conceptual information, and band history. This page contains songs for CD #3: War By Remote Control CD #2: Blues With A Heavy Accent CD #1: Internity - Hacker's Revenge be sure to scroll down to see all songs

  CD #3: War By Remote Control Full Song Lyrics
  * played by Raggedy/Imielinski, ** mix by Marcin Imielinski and James Smartt
1. Anonymous [listen] [read]
2. War By Remote Control * [listen] [read]
2.V Video sample: War By Remote Control * [listen]
3. Where Are You From? [listen] [read]
4. Conspiracy [listen] [read]
5. Ultimate Virus [listen] [read]
6. Technical Support ** [listen] [read]
7. Republic Of Fear [listen] [read]
8. Language For Sale [listen] [read]
9. Privacy * [listen] [read]
  CD #2: Blues With A Heavy Accent (Live from New York) Full Song
1. Introduction [listen]
2. Hypochondriac Blues [listen]
3. Spoonful [listen]
4. I'm In The Mood For Love [listen]
5. Cold Shot [listen]
6. Sweet Home, Chicago [listen]
7. Crawlin' King Snake [listen]
8. Pepe Wroc [listen]
9. Roadhouse Blues [listen]
10. Hootchie Coochie Man [listen]
11. System Crash Blues [listen]
12. Ask Me No Questions [listen]
13. Born With A Broken Heart [listen]
14. Right Place, Wrong Time [listen]
  CD #1: Internity: Hacker's Revenge Full Song Lyrics
  * played by Imielinski and Scott McNamara
1. Skin [listen] [read]
2. Digital Love [listen] [read]
3. Proposal To The NRA [listen] [read]
4. Ten Billion Channels [listen] [read]
5. We Will Forgive Your Future [listen] [read]
6. Search Engine * [listen] [read]
7. Machine * [listen] [read]
8. Hacker's Revenge * [listen] [read]
9. Stalker [listen] [read]
10. Pain [listen] [read]
11. Search Engine (remake) [listen]
12. Hacker's Revenge (remake) [listen]
13. Lost Connection * [listen]